Story of Lukáš Oliver


Meet Lukáš Oliver, my and Maya’s son, our Sunday’s child.

Sunday’s child is personal project, so let me be open and personal.

I am a father now. It has been 3 years (19th January) since my life had changed profoundly. Far east from my home country Slovakia, I met Maya, fell in love somewhere in the jungles of Java island in Indonesia. Soon after, Lukas came, the love of our life. Since that rainy day in january 2010, when he came to this world, I am documenting his everyday life. I have captured thousands of moments, memories. I’ve become a storyteller by using words and pictures. He is a new dimension to my journalistic background. Raising him, we are raising ourselfs as well.

Maya is a story on it’s own. Look at her… this women has a strong personality.
She is a born to be producer and has managed to become one of the best in Jakarta and beyond. She can organize chaos, work with impossible schedules and she is definetely good with other people’s money. She works in advertising and film industry, she secretly manages me as well. She is quite talkative, can be silly, yet she has a depth that only some are allowed to see. She is charismatic and down-to-earth, she is nurturing as a partner, giving as a mother. She tells me, I am a lucky man.

“Yes, we have met in a far-far away jungle. I was working on a movie shoot. When I saw Juraj, I was drawn to his smile, to his quietness and passion for photography. When we met, we both already had past histories.”

This is our story…


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