Story of Jade


Meet Jade, Sunday’s child of Aida and Yudha, plus Kiwi the beagle and Perry the parrot at their home in Jakarta {february 2013}

“Aida is a fashionista,” Yudha tells me. Born into the world of fashion, Aida was introduce to the industry through her mother, Indonesian fashion icon.For many years now, she has been organizing big events and parties not only in fashion circles, but also for variety of her clients. Aida is a true party girl. She loves to be surrounded by friends and have a good time. As a side hobby, she became an actress by default and she enjoyes it very much. Last year, aside from the spotlight, she started meditating and discovered her spiritual path. She feels better then ever.

“Yudha is married to his work,” Aida tells me, he doesn’t protests. Workaholic is not good enough for explanation. He manages clubs, bars and he started running restaurants as well. Along with all that, he became a music promoter, bringing DJ’s into Indonesia, networking around the world. His biggest annual event in Jakarta is called Playground. Together with Aida they have organized few big events until recently. Yudha is a night owl, nocturnal creature. Lives at night, sleeps during the day. Nowdays, it is much better then before. No wonder he is so successful at the age of 33.

They are both in love with Jade… and that is a rock and roll story!


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