Story of Chloe and Dominique

C1Meet Chloe (4) and Dominique (15), Sunday’s children of Claudia at their home in Jakarta (October 2012)

Claudia is well known personel in Jakarta, fashion icon with her own jewelery line, actres, single mother of two kids and women with many social activities.

She wants to start her own blog soon, so I asked he to describe herself shortly, as she would do it for her online followers.

“I am a women with lot of passions in many fields. Mainly in fasion, that’s what I grow up with. I am passionate about family. I stick to my family, I fight for my love, I love what I fight for. I love to cook, try new recepies and share it with other people. I studied photography and have eye on visual things. I love designing things, home decoration, materials. I used to make clothes. I love arts  very much and love my jewelery. I enjoy acting, but don’t like waiting. Otherwise, I would done more movies. I stoped, because I feel I am waisting my time waiting. I excersise a lot. I love to travel from first class to no class. I balance things, looking for harmony.”


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