“Honest school portraiture & stories”

Bali boutique school photography offers parents a more custom, candid and boutique option for school portraits than an average school portrait provider. I pride myself on capturing a technically sound photograph that accentuates each child’s individual personality. I thrive on authenticity and natural expressiveness, marking fleeting school memories.


I love photography. I love how it has helped transform me and I love the experiences and people it has brought into my life.  School photography is another layer to my passion for kids and family photo stories, which I have been focused on for past few years.

My journalistic background and experience, strong sense of vision and hidden child in me means I am more than a photographer when I get to work. I am fascinated with kids and people who are genuinely curious.

My pictures are personal and honest. I observe and let the kids be themself. No fake smiles or „say cheese“ approach. Just „organic, authenic, expresive…“ kind a look.

Over the past couple of months I have had the opportunity to share my images with people and their families via prints and books and I have been amazed at how much more meaningful the experience has been. I have always been attracted to the more tactile nature of photography. That is why I choose to offer fine art prints on high quality photo paper with personal touch for my Bali boutique school photography project.

I hope I will, in some way, redefine the way you see your kids.

I am open for collaboration with any like-minded artist or person of fine craft.

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